Monday, November 21, 2011

home phone number

Well, we have finally made the switch.  When I was a kid, the phone company was a monopoly.  Later they were broken up into smaller companies.  Still it seemed that you really only had one choice for home phone service. 

Over the past few years the rise of internet based phone service has changed this.  Vonage and Magic Jack have both put a dent into the traditional home phone market.

We are changing service providers for the following reasons.
1.  monthly charges for our home phone has risen to $43 per month, that $520 per year!
2. customer service has turned into a giant phone tree
3.  occaisional charges show up that no one knows where they came from and the company does not want to reverse them.

Our new service will cost $33 per year.  I have installed the new phone and you can call us at 816-600-1177.  Please make a note of this number change.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the insight. I called one of the GIANTS one time, whose phone service we used. I asked for a line by line explanation of the charges I saw. I found that there was a 40% addition to basic charges, due to taxes and surcharges mandadated mostly by the Federal government, and over which we have no choice. That's pretty steep. One of the charges on the land line was for shared cost so that kids out in rural areas of the state, could have the internet. Others were old rules by the Feds that even the phone people couldn't explain, and one of them quite a few years old.

Anonymous said...

Another charge tacked on to land line bills from the big boys is one you have to pay so that everyone can keep their same phone number if they move. And no one is given a vote on these kinds of charges.