Friday, November 4, 2011

make it easy

Make it easy on the preacher please.

True story- Once upon a time a new preacher arrived at a new appointment.  He was thrust immediately into a funeral for a 75 year old man.  Here he goes to visit the family.  He has never met any of them before.  He is a young preacher and in the family circle are eight sons and daughters of the deceased, all in their fifties.

The young preacher prays with the family and begins to ask the questions that help set the stage for a successful memorial service or celebration of life.  "Tell me about your father."  ''Who were his friends?'' "What did he love?" "How did he pass on his faith to you?''

Interestingly enough, no matter what the preacher asked, the family said nothing.  Nothing at all.  The preacher worked it from every angle.  Finally one of the sons said, "Preacher, can you do a funeral?"  Surprised, I said, I mean the preacher said, "yes of course."

Another prayer was said, a sandwich was consumed and the preacher said his good byes.  He was about half way down the sidewalk when one of the other sons came out of the house and said this.  "Preacher, I just wanted you to know why no one would say anything about our dad.  We hated him.  All of us.  There is nothing good to say.  He was a son of ............."

Well, needless to say, that was an interesting funeral.  And the moral of the story is, some people make it easy, and some people make it hard.  Please live your life in such a way so that at your funeral, you give the preacher something to work with.  Make it easy on the preacher please.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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Anonymous said...

The best way to plan a memorial service is to plan it yourself (I mean for yourself) and then you get to say what you want to your people rather than them talking about you after you're gone!! And I'm not sure it's ever too early to do that . . . kb