Monday, November 28, 2011

a mustang

Well, let me confess one of my sins.  I love cars, and of all cars in the world, I love Ford Mustangs.  Old ones, new ones, all of them except for the Mustang 2.

The most distracting thing for me when I am driving, is not shaving, texting or eating.  The most distracting thing for me is when I come up upon, or when a Mustang comes up on, and passes me. 

I keep fighting off the urge to get one.  I used to own a 98 GT.  I keep fighting off the urge.  I don't need it.  I keep telling myself that I can admire them from afar.  I can like them without owning one.  But I also keep an eye open for that used one that needs a loving owner.

There is alot of joy for me in this little story.  Ahh, the simple things of life that make us happy.  But I am also aware that when I like something too much, it can become too important.  So, here I am, living in the tension.  Thankful for things that I enjoy in life, allowing myself to appreciate them and occasionally want them, but remembering that life is good, even if I don't get everything that I want.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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