Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Eternal Life

My pastor said something that I liked last week... he says a lot of things that I like but a few Sundays ago he was talking about eternal life and how we think of it as pie in the sky in the sweet by and by.

He said that we experience eternal life now, in the here and now, when we get lost in the wonder of God.  I love it!

I was thinking about love.... I had a thought.... possibly the greatest proof of eternal life is love.   When we love someone, we feel it so strongly.  Our bodies may die, but love never ends.  It must go on.

If you believe in evolution, and I am ok with some ideas of evolution, but if you believe in the entire evolution story, we crawled out of a pond millions of years ago.  Even if that is true, and I doubt that part of evolution, but even if that is true, love did't just happen.... love isn't the result of years of random evolution.  Love is a miracle.  It is a giant miracle.  It is amazing and it must go on, even after out bodies die.

I love you.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Anonymous said...

Glad for love n LOVE u back

Joanne Priester said...

Your pastor!... still wishing u were Our pastor