Tuesday, April 11, 2017

we are small

Zach Collins #32
We can be small.  Well, at least I can be small.

So I was watching the NCAA basketball tournament.  I was, as many of us were, rooting for whomever I wanted to win.  Now I am aware that all of these kids that we are watching were recruited by all of the schools at this level.  That means if you have a favorite player on the Villanova team, he may have been a hair's breath away from playing for Duke.

Yet we get all tied up in this team or that team.  Our egos line up for or against whomever we wish to come out on top.  So I was watching the Oregon vs Gonzaga game.  Since I usually root for the underdog, I was rooting for Oregon and against Gonzaga.  Nothing against Gonzaga, nice kids and all, I just wanted the Oregon Ducks to win.  Anyone who names their team mascot the Ducks, needs someone to cheer for them.  Kind of like the Arkansas Razorbacks... the Hogs.  Someone should root for them.  [I inserted a small joke there.]

Anyway, I am rooting for Oregon and against Gonzaga and particularly against this 7' kid, Zack Collins.  I don't know anything about him, I just want him to lose.  But Gonzaga won the game and life goes on.

Then last Monday, Gonzaga is playing North Carolina in the final game.  Now Gonzaga is the underdog, so I am rooting for them.  A turn of loyalties on my part.  No offense to the Tarheels.  Good team, good guys, all a hair's breath away from playing for Duke or KU.

So I am watching the game, rooting for Gonzaga, and ironically, rooting now for Zack Collins.  North Carolina went on to win that game.  

And I was struck with the fickleness of my cheering.  Of the rampant self-interest that floats freely through our lives.  Against a thing or a person one day, for the person the next day.

We are a funny bunch we humans, and we should not take basketball games, or ourselves quite so seriously.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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Anonymous said...

we ARE fickle n do the same thing with God but Should take him seriously in good n with bad circumstances