Saturday, April 29, 2017

pay attention

In life, paying attention is very very important.  If a person isn't paying attention, they might miss a beautiful sunrise.  They might miss the chance to make a new friend.  They might get in a car wreck.  If a person isn't paying attention, they may forget an appointment.  They might forget where they put their keys.  They might be surrounded by birds, but not hear their singing.  They may forget that they are in God's world,  They might not see the beauty.  If a person isn't paying attention, they might not see that piece of steel sticking out of the pile and run right into it.

Paying attention in life is very important.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Joanne Priester said...

OUCH!!!!!! So sorry take care of you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Although some may take this picture serious, I don't think this is you. But you are so correct about paying attention. And while we're getting all the cautious areas discussed and behind us, paying attention is so much more important as seniors age. Sometimes you are just driving down the road, and God spares you from a near collision, and you have to talk outloud to yourself and say "pay attention...keep your eyes on the road." Vehicles are such dangerous weapons of destruction if not driven attentively.

Whew!! Glad we don't have to talk about that any more.