Thursday, August 3, 2017

work is a blessing

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Okay, okay, before you say “yeah…right” and exit this blog to go read someone else’s postings, read on.

The more I look around the world, and in fact among all of God’s creation, I have concluded that work is a blessing and that we were created to engage in work. In fact, I learn a lot about this from Adam and Eve. When God created them, he didn’t set the garden up with two recliners and a couple of martinis. He gave them work to do, tending the garden.

And in today’s world, I enjoy observing how all creatures great and small find work to do in their everyday world. An experienced child care worker at church told me one time, “children’s work is play.” She was right. Have you ever watched small children at play. They sometimes play by emulating adult behaviors. Children are never still, and they absolutely work very hard at playing. One inspiration I receive from watching children is that they seem lost in the moment and are refreshingly unattached from the worries and baggage that adults carry around in their work world.

Although I do not like the pesky squirrels, who can do a lot of damage to property sometimes, I love watching how fast and hard they run from one place to another, going about their work. They can climb up or down a tree trunk, quickly, always moving forward and not having to back down like humans. These guys are just “nuts” about their work.

And I love to watch how geese go about their work of moving from one climate to another, all organized and in formation, as they go about their work.

I could name examples, on and on, but we’ll wrap this up with human beings and what typically goes on with work and careers. Adults work at jobs, from the time they exit their education path, until it’s time to retire. At this stage it’s about supporting themselves and/or their family. After families are raised and retirement is possible, wise adults don’t quit working. They just suddenly have more time to work at something they’ve always wanted to have time for.

All of this brings me to the conclusion that we were created to work, and the ability to go about some kind of work is a blessing from God.

It's a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.

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