Tuesday, August 8, 2017

the law of life

I posted this a few years ago, but it came up in discussion again the other day so I thought I would share it.  Part of me hates this story and part of me loves this story. It surely exists in many forms and in many writings. I found it first in an Anthony deMello book. Warning- pain ahead......


When you awaken, when you understand, when you see, the world becomes right. We're always bothered by the problem of evil. There's a powerful story about a little boy walking along the bank of a river. He sees a crocodile who is trapped in a net. The crocodile says, "Would you have pity on me and release me? I may look ugly, but it isn't my fault, you know. I was made this way. But whatever my external appearance, I have a mother's heart. I came this morning in search of food for my young ones and got caught in this trap!"

So the boy says, "Ah, if I were to help you out of that trap, you'd grab me and kill me."

The crocodile asks, "Do you think I would do that to my benefactor and liberator?"

So the boy is persuaded to take the net off and the crocodile grabs him.

As he is being forced between the jaws of the crocodile, he says, "So this is what I get for my good actions." And the crocodile says, "Well, don't take it personally, son, this is the way the world is, this is the law of life."

The boy disputes this, so the crocodile says, "Do you want to ask someone if it isn't so?"

The boy sees a bird sitting on a branch and says, "Bird, is what the crocodile says right?" The bird says, "The crocodile is right. Look at me. I was coming home one day with food for my fledglings. Imagine my horror to see a snake crawling up the tree, making straight for my nest. I was totally helpless. It kept devouring my young ones, one after the other. I kept screaming and shouting, but it was useless. The crocodile is right, this is the law of life, this is the way the world is."

"See," says the crocodile. But the boy says, "Let me ask someone else." So the crocodile says, "Well, all right, go ahead."

There was an old donkey passing by on the bank of the river. "Donkey," says the boy, "this is what the crocodile says. Is the crocodile right?"

The donkey says, "The crocodile is quite right. Look at me. I've worked and slaved for my master all my life and he barely gave me enough to eat. Now that I'm old and useless, he has turned me loose, and here I am wandering in the jungle, waiting for some wild beast to pounce on me and put an end to my life. The crocodile is right, this is the law of life, this is the way the world is."

"See," says the crocodile. "Let's go!"

The boy says, "Give me one more chance, one last chance. Let me ask one other being. Remember how good I was to you?" So the crocodile says, "All right, your last chance."

The boy sees a rabbit passing by, and he says, "Rabbit, is the crocodile right?"

The rabbit sits on his haunches and says to the crocodile, "Did you say that to that boy? The crocodile says, "Yes, I did." "Wait a minute," says the rabbit. "We've got to discuss this." "Yes," says the crocodile. But the rabbit says, "How can we discuss it when you've got that boy in your mouth? Release him; he's got to take part in the discussion, too." The crocodile says, "You're a clever one, you are. The moment I release him, he'll run away." The rabbit says, "I thought you had more sense than that. If he attempted to run away, one slash of your tail would kill him."

"Fair enough," says the crocodile, and he released the boy. The moment the boy is released, the rabbit says, "Run!" And the boy runs and escapes. Then the rabbit says to the boy, "Don't you enjoy crocodile flesh? Wouldn't the people in your village like a good meal? You didn't really release that crocodile; most of his body is still caught in that net. Why don't you go to the village and bring everybody and have a banquet."

That's exactly what the boy does. He goes to the village and calls all the men folk. They come with their axes and staves and spears and kill the crocodile. The boy's dog comes, too, and when the dog sees the rabbit, he gives chase, catches hold of the rabbit, and throttles him. The boy comes on the scene too late, and as he watches the rabbit die, he says, "The crocodile was right, this is the way the world is, this is the law of life."

There is no explanation you can give that would explain away all the sufferings and evil and torture and destruction and hunger in the world! You'll never explain it. You can try gamely with your formulas, religious and otherwise, but you'll never explain it. Because life is a mystery, which means your thinking mind cannot make sense out of it.

[I edited the next line, from deMello to soften it up a bit.... ]
If we would make sense out of life we must wake up and then you'll suddenly realize that reality is not problematic, my understanding of it is problematic. I want to fix it, instead of working on me. Difficulty will come. What will I do with it?

In the movie the Princess Bride, Cary Elwes say, "Life is pain, Highness! Anyone who says differently is selling something."

Let's be honest. HONEST. Some people have a little pain in life, some have lots. Some deal with it bravely, some weep over a hangnail. Part of the journey of maturity is to learn to lean into God and trust him no matter what the circumstances.

I talked with my daughter about this post. She found it depressing. Well, I don't want to depress anyone, but life can be hard and pain is real. I don't believe in pretending, but I do believe in pointing people towards God. Especially in difficulty. God is with us. What more do we need? Sometimes things are difficult. There are valleys. But in the valleys, we always find the Shepherd.

It is a beautiful day in God's world, be sure to see the good.


Joanne Priester said...

that was depressing I have a Real problem with that harsh reality of animal life n the pain people have to endure. What if sometimes the Shepherd isn't found even if he Is there?

Joanne Priester said...

Life goes on ...harsh n painful?

Anonymous said...

If I heard you tell this story at WCC I forgot. I'm in my 70's now and I can honestly say that it was during the painful processes of life my faith grew and I matured as a person. So our choice is always to grow in wisdom and in God or to become bitter and angry. Isn't the hope of heaven the goal where every tear will be wiped away.?

Di Flower said...

I see that. "...this is the way the world is, this is the law of life." I can't understand the evil in the world. I can't understand scum (sorry, God's wayward child) killing someone who is good and innocent. I keep reminding myself God has this. God will judge. Just have faith in God to right things eventually.

Jeff - you don't always have to post happy everything will turn out right posts. That's not how the world is. This one made me think.