Sunday, August 5, 2018

New Car

Momma's got a new car!

So my son is buying my Kia Sportage.  That left us with 2 cars.  Cathy's Kia Sportage and my Ford Pickup that has 209,000 miles  on it.  The truck is great but it is not so dependable.  It is not a vehicle that you would want to drive more than 50 miles, just in case something happened.  Plus the A/C doesn't work very well so if I ever take Cathy's car, she has to drive the truck.  She does not like that so much.

Anyway we decided it was time for a new car.  If you ever are in need of a car, take me with you as I am a very good bargainer with car salesmen.  We bought a new Nissan Altima SR Special Edition for $20,600.  There will be sales tax of course and a loan payment for a few years.

Here is the fun part.  At our dealer, they have a Wheel of Fortune type spin award.  You can win an
MP3 player, a cruise for two, an oil change and maybe if you are lucky you can win $1500.  Momma was lucky!

This post has no spiritual value.  Sometimes it is ok to laugh and smile and enjoy the moment.

It's a beautiful day in God's world be sure to see the good.
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