Friday, August 31, 2018


I learned a lot about generosity over the years from my old friends Dave Harris and Doug Hawley.

I have been thinking lately about how I can be more generous.  I at least want to practice what I already know.  Today I woke up with $25 in my wallet a $20 and a $5.  I know that there are people out there that need this $25 more than I do.

I spent the morning working on reports and then I had a meeting with an attorney about a will.  After the meeting I decided to go to Jersey Mike's for a sandwich.  Mmmm.  GOOD.

On the way to the sandwich shop I was at a stop light and a woman held a sign, "hungry- anything helps."  I tooted my horn.  She came to the window, I gave her the $5 bill.  That made me happy.  As she got up close I could see that she needed that $5 much more than I did.

Kind act over, Now it is about me again.  I am zooming to the sandwich shop.  I am hungry!  As I pull in to park, I notice a man sitting in the grass with a sign, "homeless- please help."  No I did not give him the $20 bill. 

What I did do is holler over to him and ask him if he wanted a sandwich.  "ABSOLUTELY.  THANK YOU!"  What kind?  Tuna.  What do you want on it.  Everything.

I went inside.  I order my customary roast beef sandwich and a tuna sandwich.  I bought a fountain drink for him.  I wandered through the traffic and got over to him.  I gave him the drink and told him that he could go in and refill it all afternoon. 

He said thank you.  I reached to shake his hand.  I said, my name is Jeff.  He said, my name is Jeff. 
We struck up a conversation.  He is 61 years old.  When he got divorced, he was unable to work due to a disability and ended up on the street.  He has twin boys, one in Washington State and the other in California. 

He was so appreciative.  I could see that he was a nice man with a good heart who had just fallen on rough times.  It made me happy to buy him lunch.

If you are depressed or down today for some reason, find someone to help.  I makes our souls glad when we help others.

It's a beautiful day in God's world be sure to see the good.
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